Hello Spring

We are so happy you are finally arriving! So much hope for spring in so many areas of our life! Rural communities are welcoming spring arrivals on their farms, suburban residents are reconnecting with their neighbours after a very long hibernation! Kids winter sports are winding down and play offs are on and then April will bring them spring sports. Easter is on its way! Hope is everywhere! Embrace it, enjoy it and make it your own!

For many people spring is the time to start to look for a new place to live and get their present home ready for the spring market! There are also many ways to refresh your home and start your spring cleaning. All the little nicks and scrapes and stains you do not see any more become very obvious when you get ready to market your home. Let us help you get ready! We can guide you through all the facets of getting your home ready including a walk through to point out and suggest where you can improve and what is working before you list your home. Then enjoy our comprehensive marketing program to help sell your home in the least amount of time for the most amount of money with as little stress as possible!

We take a personal approach to every one of our clients individual needs and know that you are all different and can not be put into cookie cutter molds, you all have different needs and so does your home. Do not be afraid to do some research on your own. Find out what the latest trends in fabric and paint colour might be and add a pop of colour to your rooms. Go to a couple of show homes and see what the latest trends are. Do not be afraid to buy new furniture that you want to have for your new home to update the one that you are selling. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful addition and with the longer daylight hours, open up those window coverings and let the sun shine in!

Purge those unused and unwanted and dated items! There are so many for sale sites with followings waiting to buy your stuff, and so many charitable organizations that could use your used items to help the people right in your own neighbourhood.

So bring it on Spring! We are ready to greet you and welcome you into our homes and lives!

Michelle Eldjarnson
The REPs Group
RE/MAX Realty Horizon

Organizing a Closet

Oh boy!!! Thinking about our closets can put the fear and panic into people. It’s a common “little secret” that most of us just shut the closet door and ignore the mess- and I am guilty too!
So, it’s my turn. I am going to clean my closets in my house.

And the realtor in me knows that keeping closets organized and maintained truly helps when you decide to sell.
Hmmmm- but, where do I start? , it’s kinda overwhelming. I am told by experts that what can seem like a huge job, organizing my closets, is actually incredibly therapeutic … no, really!
Well, it’s time to find if this is true. It is a great time of year to tackle this project. The colder weather keeps us inside more, so an indoor project is perfect.
Here are my lessons learned
… here’s one big tip- start with one closet. Don’t look beyond one closet.
Professional organizers tell us that we get overwhelmed if we think about the whole project. Break it down into manageable tasks

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Moving and….Christmas??? 

Yes- it does happen. People move during the Holidays.

Imagine your typical Christmas preparations and all the “over the top “ planning that occurs…wrapping, shopping, baking, shopping visiting, shopping, entertaining, school plays and concerts, eating and then add MOVING to a new home into that equation….Holy Reindeer!! 

Talk about a recipe for stress…. But only, IF you let it.

Talking from experience, We Poiriers were new to Strathmore during the Holidays (years ago now) 

There were soooo many things to consider but we wanted our Kids experience to be THE priority…. Because, lets face it- Christmas is for Family and especially the kids. 

We had no other family here when we moved and we were in a new province.

But…. a WHITE Christmas was going to be a first for us….cool.

So we all sat down and made a list of NEW traditions …It was a perfect time to create new memories with new traditions. We all got to pick one new tradition each and 17 years later, each tradition is honoured -from “More than Ice Cream” for Christmas Eve Dinner (they were the only restaurant open that first year, and our waitress still remembers us each year) to skating outdoors on Christmas Day (only 2 Christmas’ we’ve had no ice to skate on but hiking in +15c sunny weather is a great substitute.) 

Another important item that first year was an EARLY letter to Santa letting him know that we had moved, complete with directions on how to get to our new house… it was all good Santa found us and we started our traditions …Strathmore was our NEW HOME

Traditions during the Holiday season are treasured memories; whether you are NEW to your town or have always lived there, keep traditions. Or start a new one. 


The REPs Group want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Merry Christmas ALL!!

Hayley, Carey, Christa, Kate, Michelle E and Michelle N, Tina, Brandy, Kim and Lynn

Colouring contest

The REPs are having a Christmas Hometown Colouring Contest.

There are 3 age groups: Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8 & Ages 9-10

Winner of each age group receives:
4 movie tickets to Joyland Theatre plus a holiday surprise pack

Entry Deadline is December 15th, 2017

Drop off your completed pictures to:
RE/MAX Realty Horizon, Standard One Stop Shoe Shop or email to:

Colouring Page 3-5

Colouring Page 6-8

Colouring Page 9-10




We REPs get asked every year…

Should I sell my house this time of year ? Or should I take my house off the market for the holiday season?

We also hear- should I wait until spring to list my house?

Hold on to your Santa Hats…. The REPs are going to suggest that “TIMES




The theory used to be that buyers were too busy and preoccupied with Christmas plans like shopping, baking, parties and vacations

With all these things going on, buyers wouldn’t have time to be looking at properties too.

The REPs have a NEW way to look at it Continue reading

Fire Safety

Possibly one of the hardest things to ever imagine… is a house fire.









So hard to believe, in fact, that typically, more often than not, we ignore the thought and pretend it could never happen.

Which means – we don’t PLAN.

But, planning what you would DO in a fire is the KEY to surviving.

Let’s review together :


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The REPs

Fall…. back to school, routine…..

All words we think we dread but like everything are able to embrace it because it’s simple, everything has a season. As much as we love all that summer brings our families there is something to be said for routine, and there is comfort in knowing what each day will bring, even if it is full of activities. 

As we enter September take the time to reflect on all the joys and memories summer brought your family and reflect on the year before…. what worked last year and what could be tweaked to make the transition into fall and winter more seamless? 

What are some things you could do to simplify fall- is it big cooks, meal planning, a colour coded family calender, hiring a cleaner? Any or all of the above can help seasonal transitions go smoother, don’t be afraid to try, tweak where needed and modify to work best for your family.

Try not to add too many big make work projects in September, like building a fence….allow yourself and the kids to adjust to all of your fall programs.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the fees for school and sports often there is payment plan options- just ask , you will not be alone- programs are designed for families and organizers understand how stressful this time of year can be. Ask about cancellation options as well – there is nothing worse than paying for years worth of piano to discover your child has 2 left hands….. not everything is for everyone!

Season changes are a great time to spruce up your front door with a new mat, different cushions on the couch and start cleaning out those flower beds before the snow flies. 

Remember to everything there is a season, a time to plant, grow and harvest- embrace every season — The season of pumpkin spice lattes, amazing colour changes, crisp morning air and earlier nights. Welcome Fall! 

Back to School

Back To School…10 reasons why moving your family in the summer is a positive move!

New school, new friends, new wardrobe, new backpack, new home! Summer’s a great time to make a move and here are 10 reasons why!

1) Kids will start off on a fresh foot. Schedules are not uprooted mid-year.

2) Explore the community! Take the last couple weeks of summer after your move to learn about your community, meet new friends, and get comfortable.

3) More time to enjoy your new home and community with your family. With school activities ceased and organized sports not as busy, take advantage of quality family time.

4) Purging… Summer is the best time to declutter, have a garage sale & prepare for your move.

5) Block parties and neighbourhood BBQ’s are often held at the end of the school year. If you’re lucky enough to land in a neighbourhood that celebrates, it’s a wonderful time to get out a meet everyone.

6) Seasonal employment is at a peak. If your teenagers are looking for any part time work, they can take advantage of the many job postings that come up in the summer.

7) Potentially lower moving costs… The trucks don’t have to warm up or run as long, roads aren’t treacherous, and overall it’s a more enjoyable experience for your movers.

8) Know what kind of yard that comes with the house! Is there grass? Does it need a little bit of TLC? Don’t be fooled by the snow… Buy your home in the summer.

9) More daylight hours to move, or work on any household projects. Bring on the vitamin D… It’s motivating!

10) Two words: NO SNOW!

For further information on schools near you, visit these websites:

Golden Hills School Division

Rocky View School Division

If you’re thinking of making a move before school starts up, give The REPs Group a call.

There’s plenty of time left and great places to choose from!

The REPs

Well, 2017 has proven to be an interesting real estate year so far.  Better than 2016 and looking like a good recovery year all around.

We are seeing final price corrections and some regions improving in sales.  East of Calgary communities like Strathmore, Chestermere and Langdon are seeing steady sales although it’s taking a little longer.  It is starting to quiet down a bit for the summer.  That being said it`s still a great time to buy and sell!  There are many beautiful listings available in all our East of Calgary communities and some terrific acreage properties as well!

Now that summer is upon us we can take a look back at the end of the school year and give a special shout out to our teachers, teacher assistants, school staff, administrators, volunteers, bus drivers and all the people who take on the education of our students.

Without their continued effort, commitment and hard work it would be a bleak outlook indeed.  As volunteerism continues to drop off and with Canada`s 150 birthday coming up many communities are celebrating with a give back program.  What can you do in your community to make it better…. Spend time at the school, help with neighbourhood clean-up, volunteer for your child`s sports team, donate to the food bank, pop popcorn at a local community event, help at the humane society… there are so many great organizations looking for volunteers like the Lions Club or Rotary Club and local community clubs.  `You may even have a neighbour that needs you – take a moment or an hour it’s priceless when you give someone your time.

So many individuals who give back to our communities are unrecognized and continue to give their time, money, ideas and effort – this is a shout out to you and your tireless spirits.

It is going to be a terrific summer!  Watch for something special coming up as The REPs celebrate Canada Day.  We will also be participating in several upcoming events including Canada Day and Langdon Days to name a couple.   

We also hope you will continue to shop local, support local, give local and spend your time and money local.  Have a wonderful July everyone!