Volunteering and Real Estate

You might ask…What does Real Estate and Volunteering have to do with each other? and I’ll get to that a little later.

First, let me acknowledge and THANK the amazing Town of Strathmore and the surrounding communities, as well.  There are several reasons why this area makes me proud to be a resident…and the active volunteerism is one BIG reason.

Recently, I was wowed again, 3 times, no less.

The Ladies that own and publish the Newsy Neighbour Magazine, created an idea early this year “Meet Your Downtown Neighbour Festival”.  After several months of planning and working with hundreds of people, coordinating this event, Downtown Strathmore businesses opened their doors to the first, and hopefully annual downtown OPENHOUSE and “Meet Your Downtown Neighbour Festival”.

WHAT A HIT!  There were vendors showing off their products, face painting, a dunk booth (thank you Donna Bissett for being the fearless volunteer, getting dunked over and over and over).  There was a bouncy castle, food, food, food, live music, free popcorn, ice cream, burgers, balloon animals, run-a-mile-in-her-shoes race (thank you to the Standard One Stop Shoe Store), mural painting, RE/MAX tent, cookie decorating, beer gardens, wishing tree, nutty professor, and so much more.  This event would have never happened, if Newsy hadn’t rallied the Volunteers, Business Owners and the Town of Strathmore.  I know that we RE/MAX REPS had a great time giving out free popcorn and seeing all the town folk.  A fun and successful day was had by all.

Another team of Volunteers that we REPs would like to recognize is the Strathmore Lions.  A dedicated group of individuals who quietly go about volunteering for big and small events all over our area.  This group has been going strong for over 75 years in Strathmore but never looks for recognition in all the hard work they do.  If you asked a Lion why they volunteer, you’d get several different answers.  Mostly it’s because they are just good citizens who see a job that needs to be done and step up, donating their time.  And all the money they raise, goes back into the community too.

The third and wildly deserving group of volunteers are ALL the people that stepped up and made Strathmore SHINE for the Seniors Games in July.  It started with a core of people who planted the idea that Strathmore could play Host to this event.  Thousands of hours in committee meetings, planning, raising money, organizing athletes and volunteers…all with an end result of having a Premier Sporting event in our community.  A HUGE round of applause must go out to every single volunteer.  When you see someone who was a volunteer, shake their hand and thank them.  It brought us together as a community, pulling out the “red carpet” for our guests, the athletes.

There are hundreds people in this area that volunteer for several different organizations.  We all have reasons why we pick the ones we do.

Which brings me back as to how Volunteering and Real Estate relate to each other.  The Real Estate REPs all volunteer for several different events and organizations every year.  We are out on the road during Triathlons, or handing out free popcorn to town folk at festivals and also donating time and prizes to organizations.  It is hard work, the weather isn’t always your friend; but we love it!  What a great way to get to know our communities and the people who live in them. As Realtors, we are ambassadors.  We are inviting new people to live here and by volunteering our time, we can truly say that we know that we have a great community.  The REPs have experienced first-hand how the community thrives through our amazing Volunteers. Bravo to all the Volunteers!!!  You donate your time, energy and money, not expecting any recognition but we REPs, wanted to say THANK YOU.