What Does It Mean to be Best in Business?

When I think about a business that is the best in their service or industry, I think of excellent customer service. As a consumer, I think we have adjusted as a population to accept the service we receive at any given time simply because there may not be an alternative for that service. As a result, businesses come to adjust their practices in accordance with a lower expectation of good quality customer service.

What does it mean to have excellent customer service? In my view, excellent customer service involves effective communication between the service provider and the client, an overwhelming willingness to solve any issues that may arise, and being easily accessible to the consumer.

In our society today, we are finding more businesses straying from excellent service practices and making moves towards quantity over quality. The idea being, how much product can we pump out to the public with the emphasis being on sales and profit, instead of taking the time to make service-consumer relationships? Especially in larger markets, we are seeing these practices detract from experiencing a positive consumer experience.

However, that being said, the Best in Business, whether they are the only one that provides the service or not, will always go above and beyond the bare minimum of what is required. An idea comes to mind for me when I recommend a business or service to anyone, it is based on the fact my experience with them personally has EXCEEDED my expectations.

For example: When you call a business to request information, book an appointment, or make an order, is the person on the other end of the line cheerful and treats you, the potential customer, as though you are the most important call of the day or do they sound annoyed by the fact you did call? When you went to the grocery store, did someone offer to help you find what you are looking for? Or when you went to the bank, were you politely greeted and helped in a timely manner? This is often the first point of contact to the public for many businesses, was your experience one you will remember, or was it one that affected your mood, negatively, for the rest of the day?

Often, what I look for is how I am treated as a consumer and I will remember that business in the future. The beauty of shopping local or in small market areas, such as towns and hamlets, service providers will often know your name, perhaps what you might regularly purchase, and make an effort to get to know their consumers better. This type of customer service will have a longer lasting effect on the consumer, even in downturns in the economy.

If you enjoy these types of services, make sure you recognize the businesses that shine in these aspects of the positive consumer experience.