Making Your Bed

Hi all… I’m sitting in the Loreck Showhome today and felt inspired to create a new blog post affectionately called “Staging your Home 101”. Today’s topic is ….making your bed.

The inspiration came while I was making my bed this morning with help from my hubby -Phil.
It’s funny- some of us were raised to make our beds the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning and then some of us were never encouraged to make our beds at all. I was raised to make my bed every day in the morning when I got up. A routine that I easily continued into adulthood. Great studies have shown that having routines in the morning like making your bed are very good for our health.

1. It LOWERS your Stress
The theory is that a decluttered space, clears your mind. And a “made bed”, is less clutter.


Wow- what a terrific way to start your day by giving yourself the feeling of sense of accomplishment -make your bed. And then… Pat yourself on the back!

3. AVOID Embarrassment

Let’s face it….for most of us it’s a little dark secret that we keep, not making our beds in the morning.
But your friend comes and visit you for a cuppa coffee and then they need to use the washroom. They walk past your bedroom and see that your bed is unmade.
So, don’t fib to me right now… at least a little bit of you would be embarrassed by that scenario.

4. A POSITIVE Mind when you go to bed

Look at what you get reminded of one more time at night. When you’re tucking in to bed at night, you’re reminded that you gave yourself a goal of making your bed and you achieved that goal first thing that morning.

5. Other GREAT Habits

When you have figured out how to successfully create and maintain one good habit, it’s natural that others will follow.


My first recommendation is to use your favourite bedding to help form and maintain this great habit.
If you don’t have favourite bedding, do yourself a favour and go buy some….. and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Discount stores are great place to shop.

Now take that freshly washed fitted sheet and put it onto the mattress. The flat sheet comes next and is optional but if you use one, put it over top of the fitted sheet and tuck it into the bottom end of the mattress nice,neat and tight (where your feet go)

Throw the duvet (that big blanket thing) over top of all of this and spread it out to cover the whole top of the bed with edges draping over. I like to then go back to the top of the bed and pull the flat sheet and the duvet cover back in half and flatten it out. This will expose some of the fitted sheet and is a perfect place to add all of your pillows.

Place your night pillows ( the ones you use every night ) closest to the headboard. Next cover these pillows with 2-3 decorator euro shams (A sham is a pillow cover covering a pillow… we also call them Pillow cases)

The next layer to add in front of Euro shams are two regular sized shams. And can then finish off by adding a cute little decorator pillow, and sometimes for fun -add it in a coordinating pop of colour…..easy peasy!