Enjoying our Pathways and Other Outdoor Activities

As I sit here writing this article, the birds are out and singing a happy tune. Spring is definitely in the air.

This idea made me reflect on outdoor activities and how many of us will be venturing outside now, shaking off the dust from being indoors most of winter and enjoying the fresh air.

It’s a great opportunity to go for a walk or maybe a run and soon the bikes will be on the pathways as well. Strathmore has many beautiful neighbourhoods (we are pretty lucky) and these neighbourhoods are all interconnected by a series of pathways that link our town.

Did you know that we have over 20 km of pathways? And guess what else we have? An app! It’s called Smore Paths and it was designed by SAY (Strathmore Assembly of Youth). It is very user friendly and gives you great details on 15 different pathways around town. Go to www.smorepaths.ca or to the Apple App Store to find the app and add it to your mobile devices. I am a runner and I’ve come to know our path system very well over the 17+ years that I’ve lived here. At first, I had to be a little creative to run “off the roadway” but over time, the path system has gotten better and better.

Now, while I’m tracking my progress or planning on meeting a fellow runner, I can name the paths that we plan to use.

There are many reasons to enjoy the great outdoors here and another one is Disc Golf. The Disc Golf Course weaves its way around various parks and playgrounds in Strathmore. What is Disc Golf? It is a game where you throw a disc (like a frisbee) and try to land it into a net. It’s a lot of fun and you can get some great exercise and enjoy the spring weather at the same time.

The maps are available at the town office or online at  www.strathmorediscgolf.com

We have to thank the Strathmore Assembly of Youth for pursuing this great idea and making it a reality.

My plan is to take advantage of this game when my family comes to town for Easter Dinner. I am organizing a Disc Golf Tournament with prizes – it’s going to be so fun!

What I love best about the pathways and DiscGolf is that they are all literally right outside of our front doors…. Our Communities in Strathmore are excellent for families trying to create ways to enjoy outdoor fun. Go explore!

The RE/MAX REPs are determined to learn as much about our neighbourhoods and community as we can. When we list a home in a neighbourhood, we like to be able to share the added value that each area has, like parks and playgrounds, churches and more.

The REPs also work with Buyers. Knowing that we have such diverse outdoor experiences in our communities is great knowledge to pass along to these Buyers. It helps Buyers fall in love with Strathmore… And why not, we have a great town!

Happy Spring ….See you on the pathways!