What Can I Do to Support MY Local Community?

For those of you that travel to the United States, you will know that there is a large advertising campaign there to buy ‘Made in the USA’ products. Canada, slowly, is following suit. But I would like to take that large and very important idea and break it down to a local level. I can only speak from my own career, and that is as a Real Estate Agent.

If industries, such as oil and gas, are working, then so am I. If I am working, then I purchase gas, clothing, shoes (and a huge welcome to the two new shoe stores…Sole Discretion and the Standard Shoe Shop).

I bank here, pay taxes here, I buy my groceries here, pharmacy items, utilize the local gyms, use local services such as photography, painters, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, contractors, accountant and bookkeeping, landscapers, dentists, doctors, etc. I advertise locally, I donate time and money to many local organizations, when I eat out with clients or family, I am supporting local delis, bakeries and restaurants. My signs and frames are done locally, when I need gift cards, for one thing or another, they are from local businesses. My mechanic and locksmith (who have saved me many times) are here, along with insurance, and registry. I try very hard to utilize companies that I know are locally owned.

I have only touched on a few ways of shopping local. That is just me! I am one person shopping for my family and I shop (as much as possible) locally.

I have come across, more than a few times, the idea that if I list my home for sale with a Calgary Realtor, I will get more exposure. This is a myth. All of our local Realtors who are living, working, spending their money and contributing their time in the local community, are members of CREB, the Calgary Real Estate Board. All things being equal, (all members of the Calgary Real Estate Board), the real advantage, then, is keeping your dollars and mine, in our town.

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Not intended to solicit clients currently under contract with a REALTOR®.